Welcome! Thanks for stopping by.  Let me introduce myself.

My name is Paige Ewing. (Ewing is pronounced like the Ewings from Dallas. You know…JR Ewing.)  Wife, mother of two girls, stay-at-home mom, photographer, and lover of the Lord.  This website was created for you.  Yes, YOU!  (Well, it was created for mainly women, so if you’re a dude…we’ll include you, too.)


I know who you are. You’re the college girl trying to plan your future. You’re the not-married-yet woman trying to grow in your faith. You’re the wife, learning what it means to be submissive and honor Christ and your husband. You’re the mom of littles who still hasn’t brushed your teeth yet…and it’s 2:30 pm. You’re the working mom who provides for her family. You’re the single mom praying you’ll have enough money to pay the bills. You’re the step-mom of a blended family trying every day to keep the peace. You’re the woman who battles infertility. You’re the mom who has an angel child in the arms of Jesus. You’re the mom of adult children learning what life is like with a quiet home.  You’re divorced and starting over.  You’re the grandmother enjoying your grandchildren.  You’re the grandmother raising your grandchildren.

You are my friend. My coworker. My neighbor. My mom. My grandmother.  You are me. I know you.

This ministry blog is here for encouragement, conversation, and to share stories. Everybody has a story. What can we learn from each other’s to broaden our compassion and deepen our faith? I want to encourage you to comment, chat with each other, and find hope from interacting with other awesome women like yourself.

The Lord graciously has shown me so much about him through every stage of life.  I definitely don’t have it figured out, and never will, but I am here to share what I know so far and pray that it gives hope to someone and to point people to Christ.

Paige Ewing Ministries was created to empower each woman to know her true worth in Christ.  Yes, we are all WOMEN OF WORTH.

Believe it.  Accept it.  Live it.

7 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you Reema! I hope you do get to experience the blessing of motherhood! Every season of life is wonderful and offers so much to learn.

  1. Love your insight and what u write-so uplifting.

    I am a stay at home mom to Evan 6 and grace 22 months and have been home since Evan was an infant. Some days are more challenging than others and I must say being a mom, wife, cook, housekeeper, and many other duties is the hardest “jobs” I have ever had and I used to work in the grueling world of accounting doing taxes and audits.

    Keep posting as I love your encouragement!

    –Amy, mommy in Richmond, Virginia

    1. Thank you Amy! I’m realizing that the job we have as a mother is the biggest investment we make and we don’t see its return until years down the road. But it will be the biggest reward to see our children succeed in life!

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