How to Become a Morning Person

You say, “I’m not a morning person.”

I say, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.” Then, I will tell you this most important truth that applies to everything in your life…


You see, people are quick to say what they AREN’T because it doesn’t naturally come to them, they don’t have a taste for it, and most importantly, they haven’t realized the BENEFITS of it yet.

No one goes to a restaurant thinking, “I can’t wait to order their kale. It’s mouth watering.” How many people have confessed, “I have loved running marathons since I was 2 years old”? You can’t find a medical doctor to admit, “I never studied for any of my exams in medical school, but somehow I made it through!”

Each of these people had a reason “why” they chose to eat healthy, exercise, and study. They knew the benefits!!! The benefits far outweighed the discomfort of their training.

Can we go back to what you told me earlier, when you said you aren’t a morning person? What exactly IS a morning person, though? If I had to give a stereotypical description, it would go something like this:


  • Always wakes up in a good mood
  • Enjoys getting up early
  • Can function at the same level at 5 am as they can at 11 am
  • Finds it easy to wake up and be peppy
  • Is a weirdo, because who doesn’t love more sleep?

Basically, if that doesn’t describe you, then you aren’t a morning person, right? Does this sound more like you?

  • Sets 3 different alarms to get out of bed
  • Gets ready in the least amount of time needed before leaving the house
  • Checks your phone within the first 15 minutes of waking up
  • Reads text messages, scrolls through Instagram, looks at Facebook

How is that working out for ya? What kind of mood does it put you in? Does your focus seem frazzled and flustered a little when people need you in the morning (aka…little people)?

If I told you that I could offer you a money back guarantee that every morning you could wake up peacefully, enjoy your hot coffee without interruption, gain clarity and mental focus, and set intentions for your day that you actually follow through on, get the pleasure of watching the sun rise and see the mist floating from the earth; would you make the investment? These, my “I’m not a morning person” friend, are the benefits of becoming a morning person!

You are thinking, “Okaaaay, but it’s so hard to wake up early. How do I do this?” I gotchu boo! Don’t worry. Here are some cliff notes, but if you really want to dig in, scroll down to watch the YouTube video I made for you or listen to the podcast recorded for you.


  • Wake up 1 hour before everyone else in the house is awake (or 1 hour before you are getting up now). Actually get out of bed when the alarm sounds.
  • Don’t look at your phone! Seriously, this is the game changer. Don’t check text messages, look online, or scroll on social media.
  • Create a new routine that involves silence for your mind, drinking something to wake up, stretching, reading, listening to music or a podcast, journaling or jotting down gratitudes and your day’s goals.

Voila’! That’s it. Easy right? The key in training to become a morning person is to do this same routine over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Before you know it, morning will be your favorite part of the day!

Not convincing enough? Need more evidence of the benefits of a phone-free morning? Spend 5 minutes watching this video, or less than 20 minutes listening to Episode 19: Is Your Morning Phone Habit Ruining Your Day on my podcast for my step-by-step morning routine. (You can copy it if you want!)

I’ll leave you with this statement – just like my parents used to say when they woke me up for school – because before you know it, every morning you will be able to “Rise and Shine.” 🙂

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